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From UNICORN bags to pre sterilized organic grain to create your own spawn. Mycology never been so easy and certified organic

what you will find

Certified organic liquid cultures & spawn

Pre sterilized certified organic grain

Vast selection of strains

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Liquid Culture BIOLiquid Culture BIO
Liquid Culture BIO Sale priceFrom €13,00
Organic spawn Pleorotus ostreatus SpawnLoving™
Organic spawn Pleorotus djamor SpawnLoving™Organic spawn Pleorotus djamor SpawnLoving™
UNICORN bag XLS-T Sale price€25,00
Pack 5 Liquid culture BIOPack 5 Liquid culture BIO
Pack 5 Liquid culture BIO Sale price€60,00
Pack 3 Liquid culture BIOPack 3 Liquid culture BIO
Pack 3 Liquid culture BIO Sale price€32,00
Grainloving™ pre-sterilized organic grain
Organic spawn Lentinula edodes SpawnLoving™Organic spawn Lentinula edodes SpawnLoving™
Organic spawn Hypsizygus ulmarius SpawnLoving™Organic spawn Hypsizygus ulmarius SpawnLoving™
Organic spawn Pleorotus columbinus SpawnLoving™Organic spawn Pleorotus columbinus SpawnLoving™