At Gribb® we specialize in mushrooms and all their applicability and versatility.

We cultivate all our mushrooms throughout their entire life cycle - from the mycelium to the final mushroom. No outsourcing.

Mushroom Power™

Cultivados e preparados em Portimão, Portugal. Todos os cogumelos nos nossos produtos... 

MushCacao Power™

Enhance your daily rituals with the power of functional mushrooms and the ... 

  • Developed by mycologists

  • 100% certified organic mushrooms

  • Full spectrum

  • Grown & packed in Portugal

  • Gluten free. No OGM

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MushPet Power™ BIO - For happy and healthy animals

MushPet Power™

For happy and healthy animals. Para animais saudáveis e felizes - MushPet... 

We believe in the functional and adaptogenic capacity of mushrooms to balance and transform body and mind. In addition to making mycology accessible and uncomplicated for everyone, we are committed to the development, study and cultivation of functional mushrooms in a responsible and biological way.

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