Made with sawdust from the Serra de Monchique duly sterilized and hydrated, and biological mycelium developed in our laboratory. Whether to grow at home or as a project - the Grow Kit Gribblogy™ arrived to revolutionize access to exotic saprophytic mushroom species in Portugal and with organic certification.

  • Biological

    The Gribblogy™ Grow Kit is certified organic, so you will be growing mushrooms of known, traced and organic origin.

  • Fertilizer

    After using your grow kit, its contents can be used in compost or as fertilizer. It contains important nutrients that help plants and trees grow healthily.

    Suitable for organic farming.

  • Biodegradable

    The Gribblogy™ Grow Kit will arrive at your home only in the fruiting bag and shipping box, with no plastic or paper wrapper. The fruiting bag is biodegradable and starts to decompose 5 days after being unused.

How to Use and Grow Mushrooms Grow Kit Gribblogy™

How to begin

Cut your grow kit with scissors or a knife as shown (attention: in the case of shiitake, the block must be removed completely from the bag)

Open the cut a little and spray 2-3 times a day ensuring good humidity in the Grow Kit

What to expect

The Grow Kit can take 2-3 weeks to start showing small mushrooms growing, depending on the species.

Watch your mushrooms grow, maintain constant humidity and don't expose it to direct sunlight.


Each mushroom has a different ripening appearance. With your Grow Kit will follow the specific details of the species you will receive.

More mushrooms?

For more mushrooms after the first harvest, seal the first cut with tape, turn the kit over to the opposite side and cut again as in the first one and follow the previous steps.

You can wait up to 3 harvests, it all depends on the humidity and light conditions.

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