Inspired by the countless possibilities and versatility of the fungi kingdom in contributing to a more conscious future. Here you will find answers to some of the questions more frequently.


How do mushrooms grow?

Our mushrooms grow in substrate of different types of wood. We use sawdust from carpentry shops in the Serra de Monchique

What do you mean - urban cultivation?

Instead of using extensive land for growing mushrooms as in traditional agriculture, we use vertical farming which, in addition to not using land, uses less than half the water needed to irrigate land in traditional agriculture.

Are mushrooms healthy?

Mushrooms are full of incredibly unique nutrients that are beneficial to our health. They have been used for centuries as supplements around the world and continue to appear in modern functional foods and cooking.

Why use sawdust?

Sawdust provides an excellent growth and fruiting medium for most species of culinary mushrooms. Bacteria are significantly less inclined to eat wood sawdust.

How can I buy?

You can buy in our online store, we ship orders worldwide, with the exception of fresh mushrooms. We also have a Click&Collect option in the store or at Viv'o Mercado at 4pm in Lagos.

For companies, bulk orders just send us an email and we'll send you our catalogue.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we personally deliver to companies throughout the Algarve region. We ship by courier nationally.