Gribb® grows all of its own mushrooms throughout their entire life cycle, including the biological mycelium, the primordia (baby mushrooms) and the fruiting body stages (mushroom as we know it) to produce a range of products rich in full-spectrum nutrients with broad health and wellness benefits.

Before getting to know our process better, let's understand some important facts about mushrooms.

Fruitful body?

The part that we all know and identify as a mushroom is called the fruiting body that appears above ground. Its function is to produce spores for reproduction. Spores that travel short or long distances and proliferate if soil and atmospheric conditions are favourable.

fruiting body of versicolor trusses (Turkey Tail)


The mushroom mycelium are like its roots. Two compatible spores combine and form mycelium, which forms hyphae, which expand to create mycelial networks.

Mycelium are fiber-like filaments of fungal cells that consume a source of nutrients known as substrate. The mycelium has developed strong immune and enzyme systems to survive in hostile environments and has compounds unique to this phase of the mushroom life cycle.

Hyphae expanding over a substrate

Each stage of mushroom growth from the mycelium to the fruiting body has its unique benefits and nutrients, which is why Gribb uses the entire mushroom, including the mycelium and fruiting body, in its superfoods.

  • germination

    Mushrooms begin their growth process when the spore germinates, in a substrate with the necessary nutrients to feed and with favorable atmospheric conditions.

  • mycelial phase

    The mycelium expansion phase occurs when it begins to digest nutrients from the substrate, causing its fermentation by enzymatic actions.

  • fructification

    The final stage is fruiting where the fruiting body produces and releases the spores for the next generation of mushrooms.

The use of the whole mushroom is called "full spectrum" meaning that the benefits of our products go far beyond the beta-glucans.

The growth process of our medicinal mushrooms varies from 28 to 90 days, depending on the species, and requires close attention to the parameters of growth and health of the mycelium at each stage in order to preserve all the complex polysaccharides, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

After the preparation of each mycelium and mushroom and its transformation into powder, they undergo quality control and are then packaged and ready to be added to your daily wellness rituals.