At Gribb® we specialize in mycelium and all its versatility and applicability.

Inspired by the countless possibilities and versatility of the fungi kingdom in contributing to a more conscious future.

Cláudia and Ion are the creators of Gribb and from an early age the kingdom of fungi aroused their curiosity and the more they studied and understood, the more they fell in love with this incredibly intelligent, vast and complete kingdom.

The name GRIBB has its roots in the Russian word grib (гриб) which means mushroom/fungus.

At Grib b we believe in the nutritional and transformational power of mushrooms, and we are always committed to cultivating each mushroom in a conscious, sustainable, carbon neutral and organic way.

Gribb's mushroom production is certified organic.

Process controlled by the entity NATURALFA.

We grow 20 different species of mushrooms

From exotic, gourmet and functional mushrooms.

We follow Urban Biological cultivation, thus having a significant impact on reducing pollution levels and contributing to a more promising and sustainable future for our planet, as well as to a healthier and more ecological population.

  • Urban agriculture is becoming a way to increase access to food grown locally, consciously, sustainably and close to the final consumer - it is a way to reintroduce the public to the many aspects of food that we have lost as a culture.

  • Discovering and knowing how food grows and what grows regionally are important lessons and make the urban consumer more informed.

  • Agriculture in urban areas came to connect the final product to the consumer in a way that had long been lost due to large commercial areas.

From spore to fruit

Since the rehabilitation of the urban space and its transformation into an urban farm specialized in mushrooms and all its applicability.

We spare no means or cut corners - we carry out the process from replicating the biological mycelium culture, inoculation, incubation, harvesting, transformation and delivery.

Soon we will visit our space to get to know our project and our mushrooms up close.

With the community

In addition to the production and processing of mushrooms in an urban environment, Gribb is designed to give more to our community.

Built to improve access to quality food based on principles of social equality and food justice, environmentally responsible in the process, handling and transportation of mushrooms, committed to social responsibility actions and community education, reduced water and electricity consumption, promote the reduction of debris and agricultural and carpentry waste.