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GrainLoving™ BIO sterilized grain

GrainLoving™ BIO sterilized grain

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GrainLoving™ is ready to inoculate with the type of mycelium you want, giving you the freedom and lead time to start your mushroom cultivation.

Grow your own mushrooms in a simplified way at home and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of mycology and experience first hand the life cycle of fungi until their fruiting.

  • 2 kgs of sterilized organic cereal

  • Heat-sealable biodegradable bag

  • Easy use for liquid culture injection

  • Learn how to inoculate with our liquid culture

  • Mushroom culture not included

  • Indefinite shelf life if stored away from sources of contamination

NOTE: Sterilized cereal is produced to order, so the delivery time is 1 week after order confirmation.

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