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Mushroom Grow KitGribblogy™ BIO

Mushroom Grow KitGribblogy™ BIO

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Developed to give you the real experience of growing mushrooms at home. Bring the family together - young and old alike and experience the fantastic world of mushrooms up close.

Gribblogy™ will arrive at your home fully colonized. All you need to do is cut as indicated on the block to expose the mycelium to oxygen and spray the grow-kit two to three times a day to maintain moisture levels! And don't forget - no direct sunlight or near heat sources!

Marvel as you watch your mushrooms grow from tiny pins to large, beautiful, ready-to-cook mushrooms.

  • Heat Sealed Biodegradable Bag - We cut it on the packaging! You will receive your kit in the fruiting bag with no more boxes within boxes and ready to fruit! Just like we use on our Urban Farm.

  • Developed to fruit 2 to 3 times

  • After fruiting block can be used as fertilizer and/or for compost

*Contains live mushroom culture.

*Keep away from heat sources. Do not refrigerate. Use as soon as possible.

NOTE: Gribblogy™ is made to order so lead time may vary between 2 to 3 weeks after order confirmation to ensure healthy mycelium growth.


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