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Pack 5 BIO Liquid Cultures

Pack 5 BIO Liquid Cultures

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Mother culture of biological mycelium. Each species is cultured in a nutrient-rich liquid medium specifically adapted to encourage rapid, strong expansion and growth of the mycelium.

Ready to add to spawn for culture propagation or sterilized substrate.


  • 5 syringes of 10ml with liquid culture of biological mycelium

  • 18G needle (sterilized)

  • each syringe inoculates approximately 10 bags of spawn or substrate

Available species - Add the desired species to the rectangle below

Pleorotus ostreatus
Pleorotus columbinus
Pleorotus djamor
Pleorotus citrinopileatus
Pleorotus pulmonaryius
Hypsizygus ulmarius
Hypsizygus tesselatus
ganoderma lucidum
hericium erinaceus
leafy griffon
versicolor templates
Laetiporus sulphureus
Black Pearl King Oyster
Black Pearl Oyster
Pholiota nameko
Pholiota adiposa
flammulina vellutipes
cordyceps militaris

NOTE: To maintain the characteristics of the mycelium as biological, the substrates must also be organic and free of GMOs.

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