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Spawn BIO of Pleorotus djamor SpawnLoving™

Spawn BIO of Pleorotus djamor SpawnLoving™

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Pleorotus djamor (pink oyster) SpawnLoving™ will arrive fully colonized. All you need to do is ensure a sterile and contamination-free environment when inoculating your substrate or propagating mycelium.

Pleorotus djamor is a saprophytic species (grows on wood substrates) from tropical climates. It is found in nature growing on decaying logs. However, oyster species (Pleurotus) are resistant and can grow on various substrates such as straw, coffee grounds, etc.

Consult here the profile of Pleorotus djamor.

  • Contains organic cereals fully colonized with Pleorotus djamor mycelium

  • Bio-certified spawn

  • Suitable for biological production (depending on the substrate used)

  • Heat-sealable biodegradable bag

  • Heat seal again after use

  • Learn here how to inoculate with SpawnLoving™

  • Recommended for wood substrates (sawdust, pellets, logs)

  • Suitable for multiple inoculations, after sterile sealing the bag

*Contains live mushroom culture.

*Do not refrigerate. Use as soon as possible.

NOTE: SpawnLoving™ is made to order so lead time is 2-3 weeks after order confirmation to ensure healthy mycelium growth.

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