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WoodLoving™ Sterile Substrate

WoodLoving™ Sterile Substrate

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WoodLoving™ sterilized substrates are specifically formulated for saprophytic species, i.e. those that fruit on hardwood in their natural habitat.

The sterilized substrate blocks give you the freedom to choose the perfect genetics and fruit species that love wood like oyster mushrooms, piopino, black poplar, lion's mane and many others from our gallery of liquid cultures.

  • Sawdust from the Serra de Monchique woods

  • 4kgs of sterilized substrate

  • Non-GMO

  • Suitable for biological cultivation

  • Substrate sterilized for 14h

  • Heat-sealable biodegradable bag

  • Easy use for liquid culture injection

  • Learn how to inoculate WoodLoving™ with spawn

  • Indefinite shelf life if stored away from sources of contamination

  • After fruiting block can be used as fertilizer and/or for compost

*Does not contain mushroom culture

*Recommended specifically for saprophytic species (fruiting on wood)

NOTE: Sterilized substrate is produced to order, so the delivery time is 1 week after order confirmation.

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