Organic spawn Hericium erinaceus SpawnLoving™

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Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane) SpawnLoving™ will arrive fully colonized. All you need to do is ensure a sterile and contamination-free environment when inoculating your substrate or propagating mycelium.

Hericium erinaceus is a saprophytic species (it grows on wood substrates). It is found in nature growing on decaying logs.

  • Certified organic spawn PT-BIO-10
  • Suitable for organic production (depending on the substrate used)
  • Heat-sealable biodegradable bag
  • Resealable after use
  • Recommended for wood substrates (sawdust, pellets, logs)
  • Suitable for multiple inoculations, after sterile sealing the bag

*Contains live mushroom culture.
*Do not refrigerate. Use as soon as possible.

NOTE: SpawnLoving™ is made to order so lead time is 2-4 weeks after order confirmation to ensure healthy mycelium growth.


Our spawn e carefully sterilized and inoculated using only organic methods. All our process is certified by Naturalfa (PT-BIO-10)

Leave the hassle for us and grab your ready to use certified organic spawn or sterilized grain.

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