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Our process

the purest and most potent

From spore to fruiting body - we grow all mushrooms in sunny Algarve, Portugal

from spore to mushroom

whole mushroom

Each stage of the cycle of life of mushrooms have unique benefits and nutrients.

At Gribb nature's innovation® we use the entire mushroom components, including primordia and fruit body in all our products

growing every step

Our products contain the myconutrients and bioactive compounds of the primordia and/or the fruiting body to support your body’s natural functions.

We understand the significance of a nurturing environment. That's why we grow each mushroom on organic gluten-free oats, carefully keeping the hull intact.

By mimicking their natural habitat on wood, we challenge the mushrooms to thrive and release an abundance of enzymatic activity. This dedication unlocks a treasure trove of nutrients, ensuring our products are bursting with vitality and excellence.

quality assured

The quality of every mushroom start with the cultivation and production facilities where mushrooms are inoculated, grown and processed - as mushrooms are natures decomposers they absorb all that is in their medium of growing.

All our mushrooms are grown in a 100% certified organic way and in an environmentally-controlled indoor vertical urban farm with filtered air and water which allows us to minimize any contaminants.

Testing & Efficacy

Your Well-Being Is Our Priority

Your trust means the world to us, which is why every Gribb nature's innovation product undergoes rigorous third-party testing. We leave no room for compromise, ensuring the highest standards of quality and purity. When you choose Gribb nature's innovation Mushroom powders, capsules and tinctures, you can rest assured knowing that you're embracing a product that exceeds expectations.

Moreover, we take pride in our commitment to providing you with efficacious amounts of mushroom powder and extracts.

Each serving of our products contains a substantial 2,000mg or more of mushroom powder—a testament to our dedication to your everyday well-being.

Journey into a World of Expertise and Nutritional Excellence

Unveiling the Fascinating Growth Stages of Mushrooms

Discover the captivating life cycle of mushrooms, a testament to nature's intricate beauty and resilience. Brace yourself as we delve into the captivating stages of their growth, each one a remarkable feat of survival and reproduction.


Firstly, mushrooms embark on their journey as spores, tiny yet potent capsules of life. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle as these spores germinate, setting the stage for an extraordinary transformation. But that's not all - to advance to the next stage, these germinating spores must engage in a thrilling quest for a compatible mate.


Enter the mycelial stage, a battleground where mycelium, the mushroom's intricate network of thread-like structures, must thrive against the odds. Amidst fierce competition in challenging environments, mycelium perseveres, absorbing nutrients and forging the path towards its ultimate destiny.


And then, behold the grand finale—the emergence of the fruit body, the very essence of mushrooms. With grace and purpose, it releases a magnificent burst of spores, heralding the birth of a new generation. However, the glory is fleeting, as these wondrous fruit bodies typically grace us with their presence for just a few precious days.

Yet, the story doesn't end there. At Gribb nature's innovation, we recognize the extraordinary potential that lies within each growth stage. That's why we harness the power of both the primordia and the fruiting body, using the entire mushroom for our products. By combining these components, we unlock a symphony of benefits, encapsulating the full spectrum of nature's wisdom.

Embark on a Journey of Growth and Expertise with Gribb nature's innovation Unparalleled Production Process

10:1 proportion in all our products

discover how our powders and capsules are born

We pour our heart and soul into cultivating mushrooms of the highest quality, ensuring they reach their full potential. From the moment we sow the seeds of growth to the final harvest, our meticulous attention to detail spans every step of the journey, spanning an average of 20 to 130 days, depending on the mushroom variety.


With utmost care and precision, each mushroom species is nurtured in a controlled environment tailored to its unique needs. We leave nothing to chance, fostering the optimal conditions for growth and vitality.


Once the mushrooms have reached their peak, we harvest them and delicately dehydrate them at low temperatures defined per species of mushroom. This gentle process retains the mushrooms' natural bioactive compounds, preserving their inherent health benefits.


The dried mushrooms undergo a transformative journey as they are milled into fine powders, the essence of Gribb nature's innovation remarkable powders and capsules. Through this meticulous process, we unleash the mushroom's full potential, ready to enrich your life.


From the primordia to the fruiting bodies, every natural nutrient is meticulously preserved, including beta-glucans, antioxidants, prebiotic non-soluble fiber, digestive enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and other exclusive bioactive compounds. Embrace the full spectrum and experience the incredible synergy that comes from nature's own masterpiece.

Delving into the Extract Preparation Process


discover how our extracts are made

Mushroom extracts offer a potent and concentrated form of specific compounds found in the fruiting bodies and primordia. Through meticulous processing techniques involving double extraction in alcohol and hot water

Alcohol extraction

Is used to extract the mushroom's alcohol-soluble compounds, including terpenoids, sterols, and certain polysaccharides. These compounds possess unique therapeutic properties, such as immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects. The alcohol acts as a powerful solvent, efficiently extracting these beneficial constituents from the mushrooms.

Hot water extraction

Used to extract the mushroom's water-soluble compounds, primarily beta-glucans and other polysaccharides. These compounds are renowned for their immune-enhancing properties and are responsible for many of the mushroom's health benefits. By subjecting the mushrooms to hot water, the cell walls break down, allowing for the release of these valuable constituents.

Extractions combined

Finally, both extractions are combined to create a synergistic mushroom tincture. The resulting tincture contains a broad spectrum of bioactive compounds, offering a holistic approach to mushroom supplementation. This comprehensive profile ensures that both alcohol-soluble and water-soluble compounds are present, maximizing the tincture's therapeutic potential.

Double extraction not only enhances the potency of mushroom tinctures but also provides a broader range of health benefits.

double extraction is a specialized technique used to create potent mushroom tinctures. By using both alcohol and hot water extractions, this method captures a comprehensive range of bioactive compounds, resulting in a tincture with enhanced potency and therapeutic benefits.

wether you choose our powders, vegan capsules or tinctures we provide you only with reliable and versatile means to harness the full potential of these remarkable fungi grown in Portugal