Developed by mycologists

we grow our mushrooms

Every functional mushroom we use is grown and harvested in house and our products are formulated using clean extraction techniques.

Our blends are backed by science, made with active nutrients and clean of preservatives, bulking agents or fillers.

Grown with care

100% certified organic

Our mushrooms are minimally processed, and carefully grown, harvested and prepared to retain natural bioactive compounds.

All our mushrooms go through a strict quality control during every step of the way. Our process and products are 100% certified organic by NATURALFA


mycelium + fruit body

full spectrum

We grow all of our mushrooms throughout their entire life cycle, including the mycelium, primordia (baby mushrooms) and fruit body stages to produce a full-spectrum, nutrient-rich product that has broad benefits for daily health and well-being.

Packed with beta-glucans, terpenoids, vitamins and minerals.

From single species

to blends

Our mushrooms are naturally designed to address 5 essential health needs:

  • Immunity
  • Focus + Clarity
  • Sleep + Recovery
  • Performance
  • Stress + Mood

With 3 formulations - powder, vegan capsules or tinctures, making it even easier to incorporate functional mushrooms in your daily self-care ritual.

Making every action count

for a greener world

Our mushroom cultivation process is 100% circular.

We utilize leftover sawdust from local woodshops as our substrate to grow the mushrooms.

When spent, the substrate is donated to local farms and entities to be used as a fertilizer and in mycoremediation of sterile soils.

Is our way to give back to Nature and contribute for a brighter future for everyone.

functional mushrooms made easy

well-being goals

Our products are designed to support your goals so you benefit from functional mushrooms nourishment when you need it most.

wellness you can feel from within

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wellness you can feel from within

We are dedicated to study and grow functional mushrooms that will complement and enhance your daily wellness routine.

Discover the magic of mushrooms