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CHAGA Tincture Extract

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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)  has been studied for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potential alternative remedy for arthritis and high blood pressure. Studies prove that Chaga may help lower blood sugar and even slow down the progression of cancer cells.

  • If you're wanting to boost your immune system and overall health
  • If you're looking for an extra take of anti-oxidants
  • Made from certified organic whole mushroom
  • Made using double extraction methods
  • Contains 20-30% organic alcohol
  • Grown by us in Portugal
  • Certified organic PT-BIO-10
  • Rapid absorption
  • Easy to take on it's own or to incorporate in your favourite beverages

Chaga - Inonotus obliquus (100% organic whole mushroom)

Other ingredients: spring water, organic alcohol (alcohol content 25%-30%)


  • Take 1 full dropper bulb squeeze (1 ml) or 20 drops up to twice a day


CHAGA Tincture Extract
CHAGA Tincture Extract Sale price€25,45