AGARICUS BLAZEI Tincture Extract

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Agaricus Blazei or Himematsutake originates from Brazil and is known there as “Cogumelo do Sol”. Recognized in several studies for its immunostimulating abilities, suppression of tumor growth, antiallergic, antiviral and antimicrobial action. Studies indicate that it improves lung function in cases of asthma, the digestive system and improves liver function. 

  • If you're wanting to boost your immune system
  • Looking for an extra help for seasonal allergies 
  • Made from certified organic mushroom mycelium and fruit body
  • Made using double extraction methods
  • Contains 20-30% organic alcohol
  • Grown by us in Portugal
  • Certified organic PT-BIO-10
  • Rapid absorption
  • Easy to take on it's own or to incorporate in your favourite beverages

Chaga - Inonotus obliquus (100% organic mycelium biomass), organic alcohol (alcohol content 25%-30%)


  •  Take 1 full dropper bulb squeeze (1 ml) up to twice a day


Adaptogen superfood you can trust.

Grown and tested by experienced mycologists. All process certified by Naturalfa (PT-BIO-10)

Easy to incorporate in healthy eating plans, ketogenic and paleo diets, intermittent fasting and biohacking.

Our mushrooms will work alongside with you and often making wellbeing plans more achievable and empowering.

Our products have been formulated to support you whichever way you choose to optimise your overall health.

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