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Enhance Cognitive Function with Our Brain Power Kit, meticulously curated for mental clarity and focus.

Choose what's best for you: a caffeine-free option (MORNING SUNSHINE) or MUSHCOFFEE

Mind-Boosting Trio for Cognitive Excellence:

  • Cognitive Enhancing Tincture: A month's supply designed to sharpen mental faculties.
  • Focus Mushroom Blend: A specialized blend of mushrooms for cognitive support.
  • Brain Boost Beverage Blend: A formulation to enhance focus and mental agility.

    Recommended time of the day: Morning

        • Elevate mental clarity and cognitive function.
        • Boost concentration and mental stamina.
        • Uplifted mood
        • Individuals seeking to enhance brain function and focus.
        • Those needing a cognitive boost in their professional or academic life.
          • 2000mg of functional mushroom per dose

          • Made from certified organic whole mushroom

          • Grown by us in Portugal
          • Certified organic PT-BIO-10
          • Comprehensive kit with 3 distinct products
          • Easy to incorporate into your daily rituals


          • 1 jar Mushroom Botanicals Blend 60 capsules 
          • 1 Mushroom Extract tincture 50mL
          • 1 Beverage 150g
          • Capsules - 2 capsules (2000mg) a day with a glass of water
          • Extract - 1 full pipete or 20 drops sublingual or added to water
          • Beverage - 5g added into hot water, milk or vegetable drink
          Choose Beverage:
          BRAIN POWER KIT Sale price€71,50