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SERENITY  is formulated with key functional mushrooms that will support good mental wellbeing ,which are clinically proven to decrease everyday stress levels by 60%. An elixir for your mood, it helps to reduces cortisol (stress) in the body while stabilizing your overall mental wellbeing and can also help you to drift off easily to sleep at night.

  • If you're looking to nurture your mind and body
  • If you're wanting to improve your mood and mental wellbeing
  • It may help with ADHD, anxiety and stress
  • Made from certified organic whole mushroom
  • Made using double extraction methods
  • Standardized 32-40%Betaglucanos (β1,3, β1,6)
  • Grown by us in Portugal
  • Certified organic PT-BIO-10
  • Available in powder or vegan HPMC capsules
  • Easy to incorporate in juice, smoothie or yogurts 

Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum (50%), Lion's mane - Hericium erinaceus (50%)


  • 30 servings - 1 month supply - 60g or 60 vegan HPMC capsules
  • 60 servings - 2 month supply - 120g or 120 vegan HPMC capsules

* packaging may vary

  • Powder - 1 small tsp (2g)  added to your favourite beverage
  • Capsules - 2 capsules (2 x 1000mg) a day with a glass of water
SERENITY Sale price€23,45